Collision Repair - Lincoln, NE


No Repair is too big or too small for us to handle. From minor scratches and door dings, a window that won’t go up or down, to hail and collision, we’ll have you covered. Wenzl's is one of the top auto body repair shops in Lincoln, NE because we truly care about our customers. Auto body and collision repair work has become more and more complex over the years, and we do everything we can to stay current with the latest materials, processes and procedures.

After the initial estimate has been completed and the vehicle arrives at our shop the first step is to get the vehicle “pre-washed”.  The pre-wash gives our technicians a clean vehicle to work on, prevents dirt and dust from making its way into our paint booth, and most importantly, allows us to see all of the damages and make sure we did not miss something obvious on our initial estimate. 

After the pre-wash the vehicle is “Mapped Out”.  Mapping allows for everyone in the shop to know what we are repairing on the vehicle at a quick glance, as the damages are outlined by brightly colored Auto-Writes/Grease Pens.  The vehicle is then moved into a disassembly bay where the damage analysis process begins. 

Damage analysis is a complete disassembly of all the damage we are to repair.  Assessing 100% of the damage with the help of our technicians allows us to finalize the repair plan, get any additional parts ordered to speed up the re-assembly process, and inform our customers of any hidden damage we may have come across. 

Collision repairs are completed back to Manufacturer specifications and pre-accident condition, inspected by management with the Technician that did the work and our Refinish Technician who takes over for the next stage. 

Since the “Paint Job” is usually the first thing people notice when they pick up their vehicle after repairs, we make sure we only use the highest quality products on the market to complete the refinish process.  Here at Wenzl’s we use Spies Hecker Permahyd Hi-Tec Waterborne Paints to complete your vehicle repairs.

Before we actually spray any product on the vehicle our painter gets the paint code from the VIN tag of your vehicle, enters the vin into our VIN dictator system to narrow down exactly what plant it was painted at, use our color eye camera, and makes a test panel to verify paint match.  Every color of paint has “Variants”, these are different shades of the same paint code, so verifying color is key to achieving the “Pre-accident” condition. 

Panels that require paint work are prepped and cleaned, and the rest of the vehicle is covered in protective plastic to insure no over-spray is on your vehicle afterwards.  The vehicle is then moved into the paint booth and painted according to the manufacturer.