Vehicle Detailing - Lincoln, NE


Everyone always gets a good feeling when their vehicle has been detailed. From the polished body to the white-glove clean interior, there is just something really nice about having a perfectly clean vehicle.

Wenzl's provides a detailing service that is second to none. We detail our customers cars just as we would do our own.

From the finest of products to the smallest attention to detail, we can make your vehicle look beautiful again.

Stop on by to learn more about our Professional Lincoln NE Vehicle Detailing Service!

Vehicle Detailing

Many vehicle owners choose to take care of their motor vehicles by getting them detailed from time to time. Vehicle detailing is the art of precisely and thoroughly cleaning, restoring and finishing an automobile inside and out. This is more than a simple 5-minute car wash, and is an important aspect of maintaining a vehicle in top shape.

When you want your vehicle to reflect a show-like quality, going to the car wash just doesn’t cut it. You’ll drive away with a vehicle that may be shiny on the outside and smell good on the inside, but you’ll still be fully aware of the fine scratches, dirt in your center console, and underneath the car, just to name a few items that a basic car wash won’t cover.

Vehicle detailing can include the following services:

Exterior detailing
Exterior detailing can sometimes restore your vehicle to a point that exceeds the original condition of the car’s exterior finish. Perhaps your car was dull when you purchased it, but after an exterior detail you can have a glossy finish.

One of the best features of vehicle detailing is knowing your paint job has been protected, which can include the application of wax, sealant or other coating that protects the exterior of the vehicle under daily use. Because Lincoln, NE can have such diverse weather, having your vehicle detailed will help to protect your automotive investment.

Paint Detailing And Protecting
Since paint can be a very delicate aspect of your vehicle, if you’re going to have your car detailed, you’ll want to find a reputable detailing service that can maintain the integrity of your paint job. Part of this process includes washing and drying the exterior of the car prior to applying the clay that removes dirt and dust particles along with other contaminants that can include metal particles and tar.

Once the clay has been applied to remove the contaminants, the paint is polished in order to eliminate swirl marks that may have been made visible by the application of the clay. Once this is done, the paint can then be sealed with wax to give your car not only protection, but a beautiful shine.

Getting underneath the vehicle
Vehicle detailing includes taking care of the undercarriage of your car, something you won’t get at a basic car wash. This detailing includes cleaning the chassis, the wheel wells and cleaning around all suspension components.

Your headlights may not be dim, but dirty
Many people in Nebraska wonder why their headlights appear to be dimmer than normal even after changing the bulbs. This dimness can be caused by not only dirt, but also oxidation. Vehicle detailing will resolve this by removing oxidation from both headlights and taillights, and using a plastic sealant to protect them from future oxidation.

If you’re looking for a way to restore your car to a like-new condition both inside and out, you’ll want to contact us because we have the technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to make your car shine like new.